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Aurora+ Seed Germinator

A combination of anodized aluminium, microprocessor technology and some slick designs to create a safe space for you to start your seeds.


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Until now, germination assistance has been limited to inefficient and low quality heat mats that are fragile and expensive. An ideal germination environment is to cocoon your seeds in evenly distributed heat and hydration, allowing them the perfect opportunity to flourish. Certain seeds can be very valuable and others require lengthy periods of incubation to germinate, that is why we have created this energy conscious, highly effective safe place to start your seeds.

Aurora+ is a seed germinator. It helps you germinate your seeds without all the environmental stress. You plug it in, choose one of the two temperature settings, add some cotton (or use our punched pads included), pop in your seed of choice, add a few drops of water and close the lid. Aurora will cocoon your seed/s in a loving glow of warmth while maintaining adequate airflow and (the tiniest amount of) light. Do not let germination failures be a result of their environment.

Aurora+ 10 seed germinator comes with:

1 x 1m USB cable
20 x custom cut cotton pads
1 x Handling tweezers
1 x 10ml Distilled Water

Electrical Spec: USB3 powered 1.5amps (minimum)



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