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Australian Bastard Cannabis

Australian Landrace

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7 Regular Seeds

Sourced directly from Australia this cultivar will be unlike anything you’ve grown in your garden. This landrace was sourced from Never Never near Thora, NSW Australia and has been preserved in seed form based upon a matching male and female from the same location. This project was designed to keep the genetics alive and to allow others to grow this unique plant. Well known for her leaf mutations and the way she grows; this will be a nice stealth option for many as well as provide a unique base for making new hybrids. This is a true IBL and the offspring will show the same leaf mutation as the parents.

The male of this IBL was selected due to its speed of pollen release for faster flower times and the mother based on her dense purple buds. Together this should enhance your experience growing this mutant species in hopes to shorten the flower time and enhance the color of this pure landrace.

Her effect is like a sativa and while it may not be as potent as more common strains, she offers lemon and earthy tones in her terp profile and I find that the smoke is rather uplifting. The flower time is around 8-9weeks and by finish she will be covered in an array of flowers covered in a generous layer of resin. When growing this cultivar, I would recommend some space and proper training as its morphology is different than most cannabis strains.


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