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Buddi Powdery Mildew Spray

Pests/Fungus control sprays aimed at preventative or early onset pest issue control



200ml or 500ml

“buddi” is made from age old remedies including mixtures of vegan soaps and organically cold pressed essential aromatherapy oils, each specifically targeted at assisting and managing pests and fungi issues; be sure to always resolve issues as early in the plant life cycle as possible. (Though they can be used during flowering (they may affect the aroma-profile of buds), it is always recommenced to resolve issues early as to have as less of an effect on the plant, flower and yield as possible). “buddi” strong advocates for conscious grows; fully understanding the grow environment ensuring healthy pest and pesticide free produce.
Currently available in
200ml (1 plant) and
500ml (2 plants)
– of an average consumption of weekly or monthly, depending on the growers’ number of plants and severity of pest infestation.
Also works on household and outdoor plants.
(Baring in mind that any conventional pesticide is chemically harmful to the plant and the consumer of the plant; “buddi sprays” are not harmful to the consumer nor do they cause phototoxicty to the plants – unless copious amounts are used – all usage instructions are on the bottles). “buddi” sprays have anti-fungal properties and assist in the plant biotic and abiotic plant functions.

200ml, 500ml


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