RAD 4 in 1 Royal Domeless Titanium Nail

4 in 1 Domeless Titanium Nail


1 Convertible Nail

The Royal Domeless Nail Titanium Grade 2 enhances flavor, draw, and smoothness. The cap and dish is also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It will fit all 14mm and 18mm down stems, either male (the king side) or female (the queen side), just by flipping it and using the bowl on the other side.

Grade 2 Titanium Cap and Handle
Fits your standard 14mm & 18mm
Unique chess piece design

Why use a titanium nail and not a glass or steel nail?

Titanium nails are much safer to use than glass or steel because glass (if heated to quickly) can have a tendency to crack or explode due to the fact that glass is not able to expand and cool that quickly. Titanium is safer than steel because steel will let of harmful gases when heated to the temperatures required for dabbing where as titanium is inert and will provide you with a clean and tasty smoking experience.

We recommend heating your Titanium Nail from the top to prevent any damage to your glass bong

For ornamental purposes, or for use with legal smoking products only. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!


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