Roid Rage

HGH #8 x Bitch Slap

10 Regular Seeds


10 Regular Seeds

Roid Rage is a hybrid strain created by crossing HGH #8 (GMO Cookies x Bruce Banner) with Bitch Slap. Big yield potential is matched by incredibly high levels of THC.

Roid Rage is a short, compact and densely-branched plant which looks as though it’s really been spending time working out such is its structural development. The very best phenos will sport dark purple flower clusters with a ginormous amount of trichomes – great for extracts.

Roid Rage is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation taking between 8 – 11 weeks to complete its flowering indoors. The experienced grower will be able to realise some very good yields.

The scent and flavour is complex and, it must be said, rather odd; rotting flesh, grapefruit, petrol and strawberries! THC production is virtually off the scale with 30% levels regularly achieved with ease.

GENETICS HGH #8 x Bitch Slap
PACK SIZE 10 Seeds
VARIETY Indica / Sativa
SEX Regular
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 56 – 77 days
TASTE / FLAVOUR Grapefruit, Petrol, Rotting, Strawberry
EFFECT Powerful, Strong


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