Runtz Muffin

(Zkittlez x Gelato #33) x Orange Punch

3 Feminized Seeds


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3 Feminized Seeds

Runtz Muffin is the latest, potent and highly tasty strain from Barney’s Farm. First Zkittlez was crossed with Gelato #33 and the resulting plants then crossed further with Orange Punch. The latter increased the indica percentage to 70% while also having a positive effect on yields. This is a fantastic quality strain which, however, is suited to novice growers as well as the connoisseur.

Indoors this is a medium-sized plant which reaches a height of 110 – 120 cm. after a four week period of vegetative growth. After 8 – 9 weeks of flowering yields of 550 – 600 gr/m2 will provide the grower with dense, resin-covered buds displaying purple and dark green colours. Outdoors plants grow to 150 – 200 cm. and are ready to harvest in the first two weeks of October in the northern hemisphere. Each plant can produce as much as 1000 gr. This fact makes it much more suitable for outdoor cultivation in warmer climates where the weather conditions can be guaranteed until at least then. The heavy resin production and level of terpenes makes it a great strain for extract makers.

Sweet fruity scents and flavours of lavender, pineapple and clementine citrus fruit dominate with hints of strawberry. THC levels reach an amazing 29% and the effect is euphoric, uplifting, joyful and totally relaxing such that cares and stress are melted away.

GENETICS (Zkittlez x Gelato #33) x Orange Punch
VARIETY Mostly Indica
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 550 – 600 gr/m2; Outdoors: up to 1000 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT Indoors: 110 – 120 cm; Outdoors: 150 – 200 cm.
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 56 – 63 days
HARVEST MONTH First half October
TASTE / FLAVOUR Citrus, Fruity, Lavender, Pineapple, Strawberry, Sweet
EFFECT Balanced, Euphoric, Happy, Long-lasting, Powerful, Relaxing, Uplifting



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